Best 69 Positions to try with escorts  

Is your partner often saying no to try new sex positions for making the bedroom experience exciting? If yes, then you probably need the company of a Jaipur escort. These girls know how to please their clients and enjoy all the amazing 69 positions. In this post, you will get information about some top-class 69 positions that you must try with a sexy escort.

  1. Crossed Wires– It is one of the best positions that can allow you have some great penetration. It is a super stimulating sex that will give some memorable moments to remember with the Female escorts in Jaipur.

  • One Up

It is an amazing sex position that will allow you to reach the sensitive positions of your partner who basically love the experience of getting banged. Along with a Jaipur escort, you can also try this activity with your partner if she is ready for that.

  • Crouching Tiger

One of the most amazing 69 positions in this list, both of the participants have to put their backs. We can guarantee that you will feel like living in the heaven while trying this position. If you want to take the experience to another level, then you can use a sex toy.

  • Path to Heaven

One of the most easier and comfortable positions that you can try for making your experience erotic and sensual. When you get the orgasm, try to look into the look into the eyes of your partner.

  • Universe orgasm

Never forget to try universe orgasm with one of the escorts in Jaipur. It is harder than your thinking and gives you an amazing experience. All you have to do is to kick the legs of your partner up and then hooking her damper for exploring the love.

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